SnowmanSnow is so cool. It quiets the world in a blanket of white and creates a new, bright perspective on life. It crystallizes the ground and gives nature a sparkling gown. Suddenly faces are drawn to the frosty window and mouths and eyes open wide. It’s so beautiful. In fact, it’s so wonderful that it’s hard to take that first step into the snow–is it worth ruining the perfection? But temptation calls and soon screaming children are having snowball fights and those you thought were mature begin squealing with glee. And when the day is done and everyone is inside, sipping hot chocolate and chatting around the fireplace, the snow angels and snowmen sigh contentedly and God smiles at the creation he’s made.


The weather is never picture-perfect. The sun is boiling hot in the summer. The spring and fall have rain 90% of the time. And winter is dreary and cold, unless there is snow. (Where I live there’s snow maybe twice a year.) But I think it’s time to stop complaining about the imperfect weather, because we are imperfect too. And there’s no point criticizing others too, because who are we to judge? They have just as much stains as we do. (Check out Romans 2:1!)

The great thing is that stains can be washed out with a strong detergent. We don’t have to see people’s stains or our own stains because there is a detergent that is stronger and bigger. Something–or rather, someone–can wash out our stains and make us white as snow. Want to know his name?



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