Insane. Absolutely insane.

Sure, we sing and read about it all the time, how God knew our names and our thoughts before we were born. Yeah, yeah, moving on.

But c’mon. Think about it. If you honestly take the time to think through it, the fact that God knows you is insane.

Let’s go through this slowly. Jesus lived on earth about 2000 years ago. That’s 20 centuries, 200 decades, 24,000 months, 1,043,549 weeks, and 7,304,844 days ago. Yeah. Over 7 million days ago. That’s A LOT of days ago.

But that’s not the point. Sure, it’s crazy to think that he knew our names 20 centuries ago, but the craziest part is that he KNEW us. The word “know” is literally described as “have developed a relationship with (someone) through meeting and spending time with them; be familiar or friendly with.” (Google dictionary.) Yes, a relationship. A guy who walked the earth 200 decades ago has a relationship with a 21st century Canadian girl named Danaye. He’s met with me and spends time with me and always knows my schedule. He knows when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed, he knows my every thought before I even think them. Yep, he’s the guy who knows exactly when my basketball practice starts (even when I don’t), who gives me the ideas that pop into my brain, who even knows what mark I will get on my grade 12 exams. Insane.

Like, seriously. Think about it. And yes, you may be thinking, “Of course he knows all of that. He is God, after all. It’s not that insane.” And yeah, I know. But a scene keeps returning to me that I can’t get rid of. A scene that blows me away. Just imagine…

     “Hey, Peter, come over here. I wanna tell you something,” Jesus calls.

     “Yes, Teacher?” Peter couldn’t help but be slightly excited—why was he calling just him? It must be important, he rationalized.

     “Did you know that in about 2000 years, a girl named Danaye will be living in a place called Canada?”

     His question caught him off-guard. What kind of question was that? “Um, no, I didn’t know that,” he said to Jesus. “Who is this person? And, uh, what is Canada?”

     Jesus laughed. “Danaye lives in Canada, a place that will officially become a country in 1867. She’s my daughter.”

     Peter’s expression showed a face of sheer bewilderment. “What are you talking about?”

     The Lord of the Heavens just smiled. “Danaye, my adopted daughter, will be born on November 27th in 1999 AD. She has two sisters and a cat named Maxie. She loves to make cards, play sports, and write stories.” Peter didn’t have a clue what a “card” was or who this “Danaye” person was…what a strange name! But Jesus wasn’t done talking. “I love her, and she loves me,” he was saying. “Isn’t it wonderful?”

     “Um, sure, Jesus,” Peter answered. He was beginning to wonder if Jesus had gone mad. He didn’t make any sense—but often, he realized, Jesus didn’t make much sense.

     Peter was just beginning to wrap his mind around this idea of Canada and cards and Danaye, but suddenly Thomas called to them. “Hey, guys! The fish is cooked!”

    Jesus stood up. “It was nice to have this little chat, Peter. Thanks.” Then he walked to grab some supper.

     Peter stared, scratched his head, and joined Jesus and the disciples to eat.    



One thought on “Insane

  1. Your “Insane” story is…well……..insane!!! I love the way that you write, just like you are here with me in the same room. (I wish you were.)
    Your stats are insane. Your concept is insane. The whole idea that Jesus knows and loves us like He does is……in your words…..insane!
    Thank you!!!!


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