Once upon a time, there was a Light. A huge and beautiful Light, a light so brilliant that it blanketed the earth and made everything glorious. It brightened life and made it new. It promised love and peace. The world turned to this Light because it told them that with this Light, they would live.

But there was also Darkness. This Darkness was blacker than any evil and denser than any type of dark. It filled people’s minds and corrupted their thoughts. It crept into people’s hearts and dissolved all source of love and life. No more did the world feel the Light–the Darkness was strong and would stop at nothing to deceive the helpless and the hopeless. Soon the world was thick with darkness, and people turned to selfishness and greed. They forgot all about the Light that had once given them hope.

The Light was heartbroken.

The Light loved the people of the world and desperately wanted to save them. But how? They had ignored the Light, so how could it show them the hope it had once brought? They would never listen. They were misled by the lies of the Darkness, and the truth would not waver them. So how could it possibly save the people from their evil ways?

The only way to get them to notice it would be to become like them. The only chance the Light had against the Darkness was to become a human being.

And so the Light covered up its brightness with sheep hay. It replaced its shining robe of white with swaddling cloth. It substituted its divine self with a wrinkly, crying mess of a baby.

Light vs. Darkness

And they named this baby Jesus.


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