Shooting stars.shooting star

The dark universe shoots stars across the blackened sky,

Bright lights blinking like candles in the night.

Cloudless dreams

Awakened passions

Wishing on shooting stars.

Lying on my back

Gazing at the infiniteness

Hoping for God to shoot a star

So I can keep dreaming.


Large puddles.

Sometimes I wonder

If I am the reflection of someone elsepuddle

Who is looking in the puddle.

If I move

I will be gone forever.

Thinking of life

And the universe

And everything.

I cannot move away from my puddle

For fear I will disappear.


Another Large Puddle.

How am I to know

The depth of this puddle

Unless I step in?



Elevators can only be so deep.elevator



One thought on “Poems

  1. You just have to be my favorite author!!!!!! You haven’t written anything that I haven’t been blessed by. Even the “Elevator” poem 🙂


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