Here’s a part of a story I started writing. I honestly have no idea where I’m going with this, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway:

     The world was a blur. Trees sped by. The wind hit him in the face, blowing his hair everywhere. His feet couldn’t stop running, couldn’t stop moving. The adrenalin was pouring in his veins. His vision bounced around, not able to get a clear picture of his surroundings. It didn’t matter, though–he had long since memorized every tree and rock in this area. This was his home, after all.

     A sudden movement ahead of him disturbed his vision. There was something blocking his path and it forced him to slow down. He came to a stop right before the figure.

     “Stylo,” the person said. He looked at Stylo in disapproval.

     Stylo tried to calm his breath. “Hello, Riider.”

     The man frowned. “You know he hates it when you run in circles in the forest.”

     “I wasn’t running in circles. I was running to something.” Stylo glared at Riider. “Besides, who are you to tell me what to do?”

     “Just because I’m not Acher doesn’t mean I don’t deserve respect!” Riider spat. “I’ve got more power than you’ll ever get!”

     Stylo sighed and walked around Riider. “I think you’re just jealous. After all, he favours me.”

     “Wait ’til we get to the Challenge and I’ll show you who’s better!”

     Stylo laughed. “We’ll see, we’ll see.” Then he walked off, leaving Riider standing stupidly. He went in the direction of the water, because he was thirsty and that was where he had been headed in the first place. He wiped the sweat from his face and, when Riider was not in view, began to run again. The breeze cooled his face and he smiled. Running was Stylo’s way of escaping reality.

     Stylo reached the water’s edge and knelt beside it. He scooped up some water with his hands and sipped. It quenched his dry mouth and he sat back in satisfaction.

     “Who are you?” said a voice. Immediately Stylo’s bow was up and an arrow was threaded through. His eyes searched the clearing.

     “Who goes there?”

     “I’m not going to hurt you.” Stylo spun around and saw a girl emerging from the forest. She smiled at him. “What’s your name?”

     Stylo lowered his bow and eyed her warily. “Why should I tell you? I’ve never seen you before.”

     The girl laughed. “Because you can trust me. I’m Trix.” She walked forward and sat down beside him on the grass. “I believe you know my brother. His name is Syth.”

     He did. Syth was a boy in Stylo’s grouping. They had known each other for several years.

     “Last year he was wounded during training,” Trix continued. Stylo remembered that day. There had been quite a commotion at the fields. “He came and found me at my home. He lived there for a while until he was healed. Then he went back and I haven’t seen him since.”

     “They said he was at the Centre for treatment!”

     “They lied. They often do.”

     They do? Stylo thought. Since when? “No one’s supposed to leave here.”

     “I know. They punished him when he returned.”

     Stylo sat and soaked in all that information. “Why are you here?”

     She opened her mouth, but then closed it like a fish. She swallowed, as if nervous, which Stylo thought was strange. “I came to see how my brother was doing.”

     He stared at her with doubt. There was something she wasn’t telling him. Just then a ruffling sound came from the trees. Stylo looked around and then at Trix frantically. “You have to go. Someone’s coming.” Trix stood up and quietly ran off into the forest. A moment later Riider appeared on the other side.

     “Taking your time, I see, to get back,” Riider said. “Acher won’t be pleased.”

     Stylo got up on his feet and glared at the man. “Neither will he be pleased to hear about your cheating, Riider.”


     “Everyone knows it,” Stylo said. “Everyone but him. No point denying it.”

     “Oh, now don’t go around accusing people, Stylo. Your innocent little act doesn’t fool me. Just let me prove to you what I’m capable of.” Riider turned around and stalked off. Stylo watched him as he disappeared into the forest.

     Riider thought he knew everything and that he had all the power. If only he knew the truth, Stylo thought. If only he knew what Stylo knew…


15 thoughts on “Stylo

  1. Wow! I love writing, and sometimes I don’t really know where they are going either…
    What I do, is I just write little short thingies with no ends, then combine all of them. It makes the story a little bit more interesting… 😀 Love your stories!
    Daughter of the Prince of PEace

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