Blood dripping downJesus crown

Sharp thorny crown

Mocking deceit

Stumbling feet


Peter, he nervously lied

Judas, regretful, he died

The Father closed his sad eyes

Hid his face and wept and cried


The soldiers felt no sympathy

They only could hear the crowd

“Crucify!” they said simply

If only they weren’t so loud


His family screamed and weptJesus on the cross

His friends shouted and yelled

This wasn’t the plan or the goal

All they felt was a big empty hole


They didn’t know what they’d gain

They could only see the pain

For in three days he’d rise

It was mercy in disguise


“It is finished!” was his last speech

How true this would come to be

No more sacrifices, offerings

His pain let us sprout wings


So let us fly and become bright

In a world that longs for lightwings

Let us reach the caverns of dark hearts

Creating a new brilliant start


Thank goodness for mercy and wings.

Jesus is everything.


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