Sometimes we just need to ignore what society tells us.

About a week ago I baked two cakes. And I ate them.

Not alone, of course. But I did eat a lot of it. With society telling us all these great “healthy” desserts and foods and diets and exercises, it’s easy to get wrapped up in being healthy.

But actually, who cares? Why not splurge on some chocolate cake? Why not enjoy the moment? I’m not saying it’s okay to eat cake every day…but honestly, let’s make every moment in life count. Eat cake! Go cliff-jumping! Do something worthwhile! Live, and laugh, and love! Living is going full-out by eating three slices of cake for dessert. Laughing is playing board games with your cousins at two in the morning. Loving is enjoying those moments with those near to your heart.

Go exploring today and see what surprises you. Hug your best friend. Go do something exciting. And don’t forget to give some cake to your neighbor. ๐Ÿ™‚

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