Josh started the mower and the eruption of noise filled his ears. He adjusted the few dials in front of him, pressed the gas, and sped forward. Get ready for an hour of circling around the yard.

     He glanced at his neighbour’s house as he bumped along to the front yard. The dear old elderly couple still lived there. They had been like grandparents to Josh, and he smiled as he remembered warm peanut butter cookies and puzzles. Josh rarely went over to their house anymore. College was stressful and other things–including his girlfriend–occupied his mind more than George and Marie.

     That was the one thing Josh enjoyed about mowing the lawn–he was able to think. Concentrating on the simple yet beautiful things–like the soft clouds above him–and the memories–like George and Marie–made him realize just how special life was.

     The buzzing of the mower was deafening, however, and Josh found it hard to think straight. The clouds surrounded by the blue sky needed silence to be recognized. George and Marie needed quietness for the memories to be grabbed from Josh’s mind and pulled out.

     Josh sat in impatience as he quickly finished mowing the lawn. He drove it into the shed, turned the key, and sat in gratitude at the stillness. Then he stepped off the lawnmower and into the yard. He breathed in the newly-cut-lawn smell and tilted his head up to the clouds.

     Josh smiled. This was how things should be appreciated. In silence.


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