waitingI sigh as I look at the rainy, dreary world. Today is everyone’s first day of school. Well, almost everyone’s.

It’s funny, really, because I love summer vacation–I mean, who doesn’t? But after school supply shopping and organizing binders and getting school packages in the mail…now I want to go to school.

But I can’t.

I can’t go to school.

Only now do I see the injustice of children who are refused their right to an education. All I had been doing was enjoying every day off and taking every school day for granted, even grumbling about it. But so many kids are being denied an education, because they are poor, or female, or some other unfair reason.

Because my school district is in the middle of a strike, teachers aren’t allowed to teach, students aren’t allowed to learn, and nothing gets solved. The teachers want smaller class sizes, help with handicapped kids, and better pay. The government is refusing. The result? Teachers don’t get paid. Students don’t get an education. And suddenly I can relate to all those out there who aren’t allowed to go to school.

Maybe when the strike is resolved, when I can go to school, I’ll start to understand how important an education is. I’ll begin to realize that I am privileged, simply because I live in Canada. And perhaps I’ll start appreciating my education.

So thanks to all the people who have fought and are fighting for an education for everyone, no matter their gender, race, or social standing.



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