I would go to lots of baptism services and hear all these amazing testimonies of how God completely changed people’s lives: “I had hit rock-bottom. I was depressed and lonely and confused…and then God saved me–flash of lightning, manna from heaven, whatever–my life was flipped upside-down. Now I go to church, read my Bible, pray, talk about Jesus…without him, I probably wouldn’t be hear today.” And I’m sitting there going, “Whoa. That was intense.” But I never could relate with them because my testimony is completely different.

     I don’t remember when I accepted Jesus into my heart because I was like 4. I’ve grown up singing VBS songs and watching Veggie Tales. My dad reads from the Bible every breakfast . My mom works with our kid’s church and my whole family helps out all the time there. I’ve been breathing the Bible my entire life. I could go on and on about how much Jesus is a part of my life…I’ve been completely blessed.

     But honestly, sometimes I think it was overkill. I remember one time a few years back when I was with my family at the ocean and there were these really cool blowhole things from some rock formations. I was freaking out because of how cool they were–I was like jumping and squealing. Then my dad said something about how awesome God’s creation is. I remember inwardly rolling my eyes, thinking, Why does God have to be brought into everything? I mean, can’t I just enjoy the blowholes?

bible     One time I was looking at our books at home and I saw one titled “Why Christian Kids Rebel.” I didn’t bother reading it because it looked boring and because I knew partially why Christian kids rebel. They rebel because God is boring. There’s no spark. They’ve heard the Gospel since they were born, they’ve sang worship songs since they could talk…and after a while, anything becomes boring. The problem with people is that we’re so busy with schedules and homework and friends that we don’t have time to pursue God. We get that “spark,” that overwhelming passion of awe, when we pursue God. Why do Christian kids rebel? They don’t pursue God because they don’t exactly have to…their own Christian life and family and church has so much “God” in it that it’s almost not real. God isn’t hiding…he’s just waiting for us to want him. Christian kids rebel because they don’t pursue God, which means their awe-inspiring passion withers away.

     That was slightly the problem with me. Those Sunday-school stories weren’t enough. Many people have to chase after God because their life is completely anti-God. I never had to do that. I walk into my living room and find six Bibles. I walk into the kitchen and a Christian radio station is on. I walk downstairs and my mom is practicing some actions to a VBS song. I’m not saying that any of that is bad because it’s not. I just needed to pursue God without distractions, even Christian distractions.


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