There’s just something magical about beautiful days.

Yesterday I went on a long bike ride. The weather was perfect–sunny, cloudless, and a cool breeze. It was marvelous.clouds Sometimes, when I look up in the sky and breathe in the perfect weather, I can’t help but feel something magical in the air. Maybe magical isn’t the right word. Perhaps it’s majestic, or fantastical. Something that shoots deep inside you that makes you shiver, even when you’re not cold, and makes you stop in awe and fascination.

I guess it makes me feel that way because I love beauty. We all do. Why else do we spend so much time making sure we look good? Why else do we always want the prettiest house, or picture, or eyes? We all love beauty, and looking at beautiful days makes us smile. It’s God’s way of showing us that he loves beauty too. I suppose that’s why we love beauty–we are made in his image.

umbrella rainMaybe your beautiful day isn’t the one we usually think of–sunny skies, warm temperature, peaceful atmosphere. Sometimes beautiful days are the ones when it’s pouring out, and the rain makes you refreshed and cool. Other times beauty comes in the form of cloudy days with slushy snow soaking through your shoes. Maybe lightning and thunder is your beautiful day, for you love seeing the awe-striking power.

Or maybe your beautiful day doesn’t have to do with weather. Perhaps it’s when things are rushed and your kids are running around and bumping into things and driving you nuts. It’s only when you stop for a moment and realize the blessing of your kids do you see the beauty in it. Or it’s whenholding hands you’re sitting with your grandpa on the hospital bed as he struggles to breathe, and he keeps telling you that he loves you, and only then do you understand that beautiful days aren’t always happy. Maybe you’re sitting in the cafeteria and arguing with your friends about who’s turn it is to buy French fries, when you suddenly stop and start laughing at the stupidness of your fight. Then your mind starts re-living those memories of when you first met your friends in grade five, and how your closest friend hated math and you loved it, and the time when all of you confronted the kid who had pushed your friend, and all those days you spent at the park, skateboarding and joking around and daring your friends to say hi to the strange homeless man who talks to himself. And you sit there in the cafeteria and realize it’s a beautiful day, simply because you are with people you love.

So maybe today is your chance to stop and stare at the day. Stare it in the face. Study its features and expressions and determine if it’s a beautiful day. The great thing is that usually it is.



What do you think?

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