“Go in there, Kevin. I dare you.”

     “No! Are you crazy?” Kevin ducked behind a bush. “I’m never setting foot in that house! You go in.”

     “Fine, I will.” Aaron tiptoed to the porch. Kevin looked in shock at his brother.

     “You’re actually going in?”

     Aaron shrugged. “I’m not scared.”

     Kevin took a deep breath and ran over to Aaron. “I’m coming with you.”

     “Okay.” Aaron crawled under the fence and pressed himself against the front door. Kevin did the same. They looked at each other, eyes wild.

     “We are so getting in trouble,” Kevin said.

     “Whatever, Kev. Anyway, it’s our birthday. They can’t get mad at us today.”

     Kevin looked doubtingly at Aaron. Suddenly a sound like footsteps could be heard from inside the house.

     “I bet it’s a ghost,” Aaron said. He grinned and slowly eased the door open. It creaked like in hadn’t been opened in years.

     “Do we really have to do this?” Kevin asked pleadingly. “C’mon, what about going to the lake?”

     “You really gonna miss this opportunity, Kev? To investigate The Creepy House?”

     Kevin sighed and followed his twin brother inside. Cobwebs hung in every corner. The floorboards groaned under every steps. The shadows loomed like monsters. It was just like a stereotypical haunted house…and Kevin didn’t like it.

     “Look at this, Kevin!” Aaron called, and Kevin jumped. He breathed in and walked over to Aaron. “It looks like a key to something. Maybe buried treasure!” Aaron’s eyes gleamed in the dark.

     Bam bam bam! Aaron and Kevin looked up quickly and then looked at each other. “What was that?”

     “It was something telling us we shouldn’t be here. C’mon, Aaron, let’s go!”

     “I wanna find out what it is.” He grabbed Kevin’s arm and dragged him along. “It sounded like footsteps.”

     They turned the corner and stopped in surprise. They were in what used to be the kitchen. On a table was the biggest cake the boys had ever seen.

     “What in the world…?” Kevin breathed.

     “Look, there’s a note!” Aaron rushed over and picked it up. “This is for Aaron and Kevin to enjoy on their birthday. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there! Love, Mom.”

     Kevin looked over Aaron’s shoulder to read the note. “How did she get the cake here?” he wondered aloud.

     “Through me,” a voice said. The twins spun around. A man walked out of the shadows.

     “Dad?” Kevin said. “But how did you know…?”

     “Who wouldn’t want to spend their birthday in a so-called haunted house?” Dad grinned. “And check this out.” He walked to the cake and pointed at the layers. “There’s a layer for each year.”

     “Now that is a massive cake,” Aaron said. The ten-year-olds high-fived.

     “Thanks, Dad!” Kevin said. “Oh, and by the way, I was never scared of this house. Ever.”

     Dad laughed. “Of course you weren’t.” Then he sliced the cake and gave the boys the biggest pieces they had ever received.


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