The man crept closer, a knife in his pale hand. His breathing was slow and quiet. He walked soundlessly, careful of every step. The teenage girl was totally unaware of the danger behind her. The man was close behind the girl. Suddenly the man leaped, and with a loud roar he stabbed her with the knife. She sank to the ground, silent as could be.

     Andy sat on the edge of his seat, staring wide-eyed at the movie screen. Why does the innocent girl have to die? he thought. Sometimes he disagreed with horror movies. The evil man should kill someone who deserved to die. But that was what made the movie so good–having something unexpected happened, like the time when the ghost has turned good in one movie, or when the wonderful, innocent boy turned out to be a horrible, evil boy in another. Andy liked those stories the best.

     As he watched the movie, a thought crept into his brain. What if the killer in the movie came to life, and killed Andy himself? Andy did not want that to happen. And for the rest of the movie, all he could think about was his dead body.

* * *

     Andy couldn’t sleep that night. Though he tossed and turned, he could not fall asleep. He just couldn’t stop thinking of a murderer lurking around in his house. What if he comes out and kills everyone? he thought. What if…what if–and at this Andy shivered beneath his blankets–what if he is right here in this very room? Andy crawled deeper into his bed.

     As he tried not to think about monsters and evil killers–which, of course, made him think of them ore–Andy thought he heard ashadow noise, a small, whispery sound coming from the window. He froze. What could it be? Was it that man from the horror movie? No, it couldn’t be. The movie is fake, Andy reminded himself. There is no one out there. It was just the wind.

     Minutes passed, and Andy was almost asleep. BANG! Andy jumped. He looked around, petrified. What happened? He stared at the window. Something was out there, he knew. Someone was lurking outside of his window. What was it?

     Suddenly a shadow appeared outside. Someone was there! The shadow moved a bit, and then it opened the window. It took Andy a couple of seconds to piece things together. Someone was outside of his window–probably a murderer, he thought. He had somehow opened the window from outside, and now he was trying to get in!

     After a moment of noise, the person climbed through the window. He jumped to the floor. The man, Andy realized, was inside of his bedroom.

     Andy had no clue what to do. Should he run, or hide? No, the man could still find him. What if the man hadn’t even noticed him yet?

     But the man turned his head toward Andy’s bed, and they locked eyes in the darkness. The man took a step forward. Andy did what he always did in horror movies–he screamed. “Help me, help me, anyone! Come quick! Ahhhh!” he yelled.

     To Andy’s surprise, the man laughed. And this was not an evil laugh. It was a happy, something-funny-happened, kind of laugh.

     The man turned on a flashlight. It illuminated his face. Andy stared, shocked. Could that be, could it really be, his brother? Or was it some person who looked identical to his brother? No, it definitely was his seventeen year old brother, Jason.

     “Ha! I sure scared you, didn’t I?” Jason laughed. “You were more scared than I thought you’d be.”

     Andy was annoyed that Jason had tricked him. “I just watched a horror movie, okay?” he mumbled. “I thought you were some evil killer or something.”

     “Really? I got you good.” Jason gave Andy a smirk. And with that, he left the room.

     Andy sat on his bed for a long time after that. Finally he got up and went to the living room, where there was a picture of his brother on a shelf. Andy looked at it. The more he stared at it, the creepier Jason’s face looked. His eyes grew darker and more sinister as Andy watched. The smile didn’t seem as happy now–more evil. And his eyebrows seemed to turn inward, making him look angry–or, more like it, mad. In fact, Jason’s face looked downright scary. It made Jason almost look like…an evil killer.

     Maybe Andy was more right than he thought. Maybe Jason actually crept into people’s homes and took things or, worse, killed people.

     Andy, not knowing what else to do, went back to his room and tried to sleep. Finally, after hours, he drifted off to sleep.

     His last thought was, My brother, Jason, is a killer.

* * *

Wondering what this is? It’s part of a series of posts from stories and essays I wrote during school. This particular one is a horror story I had to write in grade seven.


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