A Lone Mountain


Here I am above the earth,

Standing tall and proud.

Loving the wonderful world,

Caressing the lovely clouds.


I spy the swaying grass, the lakes,

The willow trees and flowers.

A king ruling all the land,

I feel so much in power.


And yet I still feel lonely,

The chirping of birds I hear.

Why do robins have freedom and life?

I have none to turn to when I fear.


How it is that I feel so distant?

Grief is burdening my soul.

I smell the roses, taste the earth,

And still friendship’s my only goal.


What would I do for friendship?

Would I trade my power, my pride?

I know I would do anything,

To have someone who’s mine.





With jealousy and hatred,

I glare up at the mighty hill.

His grand structure mocks me,

Making me want to kill.


I steam and rage pointlessly,

Rooted to the ground.

Wishing I could be like him,

Powerful all around.


Green leaves turn red,

Branches become ice.

My insides taste like rotted wood,

My heart not sugar and spice.


My rough trunk shakes,

My scratchy branches quiver.

My whole body explodes,

With detestation delivered.


Blood–or rather, wood–boils,

Wrath pours out like fire.

Oh, what I’d do to trade his place,

His perfect life with mine.



* * *

Wondering what this is? It’s part of a series of posts from stories and essays I wrote during school. These are poems I had to write in grade eight about emotions and non-living things. I’m sorry that I’m not very good at poems!


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