Living with no feeling,

Eyes with no seeing.

A faith that’s lifeless and dull,

Bread and fish with no miracle.


Sand without a shore,

Those that only want more.

The beach with no friends,

The sea that has an end.


Christmas without Jesus’ birthday,

Easter without a third day.

A person without a soul,

A treasure with only gold.


A church that’s only a building,

A person who’s not willing.

A heart made of stone,

Someone all alone.


Life without a purpose,

Beauty on just the surface.

Death without a destiny,

Friendship without you and me.


* * *

Wondering what this is? It’s part of a series of posts from stories and essays I wrote during school. This specific one is a poem I wrote in grade 9 about useless things. Most of the kids did things like “a dull pencil” but I wanted to go deeper.


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