Do you have that place, that memory, that time that just sticks in your mind like a rainbow in a storm? It’s when you’re in the middle of a crazy, messy, beautiful time and you stop, breath, and realize just how wonderful it is. You’re making memories. You’re making something that at the time doesn’t seem so wondrous, but when you reflect on it later you realize just how beautiful it was.

Maybe you’re having a laugh attack with your cousins, trying to keep quiet because it’s midnight and everyone’s asleep. Perhaps you’re sitting down at a long, misplaced table with a steaming hot plate of Thanksgiving feast, and you glance around at your mismatched extended family and smile. Or maybe you’re sitting around a campfire as the glowing embers slowly fade, and the heat warms your skin and heart.

Those are some of my rainbows, those memories that won’t die. It’s those moments that make me realize how blessed I am and how loved I am and how amazingly crazy it is that I am alive and I am breathing.

It’s those moments that make me feel alive.


What do you think?

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