All around us is hidden beauty–things that we are so used to we forget the magical part of the world. Every day we sleep through sunrises, glance past rainbows, and don’t notice the snow-covered trees. We tend to grumble at the grey rain, forgetting the soft sound of raindrops on the rooftops and the refreshment it gives to the world. How often do we ignore the beauty of the earth when we’re wrapped up in our own world?

     I think it’s time to stop and smell the roses. It’s time we take a few moments in our day to look up at the fluffy clouds coasting across a blue sky. We need to start noticing the many reminders God gives us of his love and mercy. After all, he gave us life–the least we can do is acknowledge it and see the wonderful creation God has made. It’s time to see the hidden beauty all around us.


4 thoughts on “Hidden Beauty

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