It was always in the corner of my eye. Whenever I clicked on “New Post”, checked to see if I had any notifications, or browsed through my posts, I could see it hanging there. 97. It was taunting me, really. I’m going to give you the hope of 100, but let’s stay on 97 for a long time, just to make you anxious, it would say. And then one day, after I had recently published a new post, my notifications button was lit. Smiling, I clicked on it. A new follower. Not only that, but several. I scrolled down.

You are following this blog, along with 100 other amazing people, it said happily.

I might have squealed a little bit. When I had started my blog several months ago, I never expected many people to like it. I was surprised when someone actually took the time to comment. Pretty soon, the followers numbers grew, little by little.

I’m often discouraged when I write something bad, or I think about how unlikely it will be that I’ll become an author, and other small discouragements I feel throughout the day. Sure, I’m a pretty good writer, but I have to be great in order to publish a book or something.

But when I write a post and someone comments on it, telling me what a nice post it is, or when someone clicks on the follow button, or when someone says how well I write for a fourteen year old, it makes me smile and ignore the author statistics and just be happy for having encouraging people in my life.

So thank you, all those strangers out there, who bother to invest a little something into my life. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be investing in a future author! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thank You! :)

  1. As always, I am so excited to read your writings. No matter what God has in store for you, I’m sure writing will always be a part of your life. You have a special gift at such an early age. I just finished reading “Soul Surfer” written by a 13 year old. I have an extra copy that I would like to get to you, if you haven’t read it. Be encouraged in all you do. Never give up. God has big plans for YOU.


  2. You may actually be interested to know that there are a handful (a sprinkling even) of young writers about your age who found success! The Prophecy of the Stones, which is a book that I absolutely loved when I was in high school, was written by a thirteen year old. My love, age does not mean success. Just keep doing what you are doing-and when you have an idea for a novel-let it happen! Don’t let your age stop you! Trust me, I’m supposedly an “adult” and I still have the doubts that you do. So much so, in fact, that I procrastinated on a novel for two years before finally picking it up again to write! Don’t waste such precious time! Blessings! Sarah

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