At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your friends or family think of you or what your church or school thinks of you…it’s what God thinks of you.

That’s what the message at youth group was last night.

How many of us are guilty of trying to impress others? The majority of my life is spent trying to make others think highly of me. I spend my days trying to fit in at school, trying to look spiritual at church, trying to look like the perfect daughter and sister at home. If I must confess, I do a terrible job of being myself 100%.

So maybe I should stop that. Breathe in, ignore the false worries of being judged and hated, and just live truthfully. The world would be such a different place if we all did that.


4 thoughts on “Truthful Impression

  1. Great post Danaye! May I add:

    It doesn’t matter what you do on the outside, not at all. It’s the heart of everything you do. If you are doing something, and then you search your heart for the motivation, and you find that it’s not to bring glory to the Lord, but to med… then that’s where we’re wrong. That’s where we need to go before God in prayer and ask Him to help us out in that area.

    This post if so very encouraging! Keep it up!
    Daughter of the King


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