Maxie, thank you for loving me even if I sometimes forgot to love you. Yeah, I know a lot of it was selfish love, always longing for attention, but it’s better than no love at all. Thanks for the humble gifts of dead, floppy birds and limp, guts-everywhere mice. You were probably trying to be nice, but sorry…it didn’t really work.

Thank you for greeting me every time I came home, even if I was too busy to pet you or even smile at you. Thanks for your annoying weaving through my legs as I tried to walk and your purrs when I scratched under your chin.

Sure, you had your flaws. We all do. You hated the other cats, fighting to protect your territory. Maybe you believed you were protecting us, so thank you for that. You also had this habit of walking across the road. You had done it hundreds of times before. I guess you never learned from your sister, and I suppose it’s too late now to learn from your own mistake. Usually life gives second chances, but sometimes life is cut short.

Your life, though with an abrupt end, was not short-lived. You were my companion, despite my terrible efforts and grumbling attitudes, and you were always beside me when I needed a hand…er, paw. We watched each other grow up, and while you were coming to your end, my life is at the beginning.

Thank you for being there, Maxie, every day of my life. May I always remember your purrs and your life. I hope you enjoyed your time with my family.

Goodbye, Maxie.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Maxie

  1. This is very sweet, Danaye. I’m sure you’ll find a way to keep your love for him alive, as I have with my horse. Keep writing, living, loving!

    Daughter of the King


  2. I’m sorry you lost your Maxie. I have loved and lost cats, too. It’s hard. I love your line at the end where you recognize your cat is at the end of his life but you are only at the beginning. Keep on living.


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