Have you ever watched a movie that is based on a book, and it completely twists the movie so much noahthat the only resemblance is the title? That is what happens with the movie Noah.

Noah, in case you don’t know, is based on the Bible in the book of Genesis. The movie follows the story of a man who has a vision that God (or the Creator, as they say in the movie) is going to destroy the world by sending a huge flood because mankind has become too corrupted and sinful. However, Noah is chosen by God to build an ark to hold his family and pairs of animals inside.

The summary seems fine and is quite similar to the Bible… until you actually watch the movie. One huge flaw are these rock monster transformer guys. Apparently they are fallen angels that tried to help humans, but because they did God punished them and made them into creatures incased in rock, and are now called the Watchers. They’re around ten feet tall and just really make the movie into a fantasy. Most everything else in the movie is about Noah and his struggles and the flood…and then there are these rock monster things that do not work whatsoever in this type of film. Even if we ignore that it is based on the Bible and focus on the movie itself, they are not needed.

Also, one character, Methuselah, was totally inaccurate. Methuselah was Noah’s grandfather who had the power to put people to sleep and even grant the ability to have kids. Seriously. Noah’s daughter-in-law was barren and all he did was put his hand on her stomach and she could have kids. That is completely off what the Bible says about Methuselah, and having magical powers again has nothing to do with the flood and the plot.

And to be honest, the acting wasn’t the best. Russell Crowe plays Noah, and his family includes Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Logan Lerman. I think because the plot wasn’t very good, it’s hard to act well, and even though they had a pretty famous cast they could have done a lot better job.

As for visual effects, they were good. The worst part was probably the Watcher rock guys, but even that was believable. That was partially why I didn’t like the movie; it was believable in the visual parts of it. I knew there was going to be violence, especially since the flood almost killed everyone, but they might have taken it a bit too far. However, that’s preference.

The first half of the movie is decently okay, but the second half is just terrible. To sum it up, the evil guy in the movie (Tubal-Cain) ends up stowing away on the ark, and he tries to kill Noah with the help of Noah’s son, Ham. Noah gets this twisted idea that God wants humanity to end and therefore he must kill his daughter-in-law’s twin baby girls. (He doesn’t, by the way.) And Noah is pretty much portrayed as God, and God is kind of portrayed as evil. God is evil to send this flood to kill everyone, and he doesn’t listen or speak to Noah, and he’s just this uncaring, grumpy, invisible God that loves to kill people.

I knew before I watched it that Darren Aronofsky, the director, was not going to follow the Bible exactly. He is an atheist, after all. Maybe I let my hopes up too much. But it kind of makes me sad that everyone who sees this movie is going to think that God is evil and that the Bible is full of crazy, twisted, fictional stories.

Even if you forget that it is based on the Bible, Noah isn’t very good. They focused on a lot of the wrong things—the Watchers, killing the babies, magical Methuselah—instead of things I would have preferred like internal struggles, questions with God, and the reason for the flood.

If you are a Christian, don’t watch this movie. If you aren’t a Christian, don’t watch this movie. I’d give this movie a 3 or a 4 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “What I Thought of Noah

  1. Wow, it’s terrible what the world can do to pervert awesome and biblical stories like Noah. That’s just horrible. I’m glad you have confirmed my feelings about this movie, even though I had already decided to not watch it! Great post, yet it’s very upsetting, to hear what the world is doing. 😦

    Daughter of the King

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