My pastor asked, during the service at church, to summarize your year with one word. It took me a few seconds to realize that the best way to describe this year is “new”. Well, maybe the second half of the year is new, but still. New: I started a blog in August. I got baptized. I started high school. I streaked my hair. I started writing a lot more. I wrote a book with my friend.
Sure, there were a few endings too. I finished middle school and had to say goodbye to all my awesome teachers. I sort of stopped playing sports. I started to realize that my best friend had been lost to me for years.
If you asked me if it was a good year, I’d say good. There were a lot of changes, but a lot of it was good change, and the bad change (the few bad things) was something I learned to deal with.
As much as I enjoyed 2014, I know this next year will be just as exciting as I continue to discover what God has in store for me.
Happy new year! πŸ™‚


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