I shut the door behind me, breath in, and sit down at my desk. Turning on my lamp and grabbing my notebook, I stare at the scribblings I had previously written. What should I write next?
Thousands of words cross my mind, and one by one I rule them out. Should I continue with a conversation? Should Stylo go back to his room? Maybe he eavesdrops. No, I think, I do that way too often. No more eavesdropping.

“So, Trix,” Stylo said, sitting down beside her. He breathed out. “What do you think of killing the king? You can’t be for him, can you?”

She snorted, and Stylo hinted a bit of hatred in her eyes. “Of course I’m not for him. Why would you think that?”

I freeze in my chair, pen hovering above the page. “What are you doing, Trix?” I ask loudly, forgetting to be calm and reserved. Is she just trying to fool Stylo? But why would she do that?

She shrugs. “Why should I care about the king?”

My mouth starts moving up and down silently, like a fish. Great, now I’m an author who looks like a fish. “Well, because…because you’re Syth’s brother! You follow his motives!”

“Since when? I can have my own opinions.”

“Arg!” I yell. “You’re supposed to listen to me! Why are you even talking to Stylo? Why tell him anything at all?”

She shrugs again, clearly not caring about my outrage. “I don’t have anything against him. He’s a nice guy.” She stares off into the distance, and I gape. No. She can’t…like him THAT way.

“But…you’re too young for him! I’m staying away from romance…this isn’t helping!” I fling my pen across the room. “Why don’t you just obey me? I created you, for Pete’s sake!”

She shrugs yet again and fades off into nothingness. My mouth is still wide open, trying to comprehend what just happened. I glance from my paper to where she was and back again. Several moments pass by until I finally slam my notebook shut and shove it into my drawer in frustration. I leave the room, hoping the bang of the door closing will somehow communicate to my family that writing can be aggravating.

I’ll work on it later. Trix will change her mind.


4 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Man, Danaye! I love the way you described everything, and the way you made the characters… ALIVE! That was great, and it added an especially flavorful taste to the whole read. The words you put in the beginning was so vivid to the way I am when I sit to write at my desk, it felt really awkwardly real! 🙂 Awesome!


    Liked by 1 person

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