Writers are the loneliest of humans.

In the day by day routine of life, we are regular people–well, as normal as one can get.

But as writers, we carve prisons out of our words. We create unknown worlds that fascinate us, but no one cares to listen. True, they may read the stories we make, but they will never know how much was put into it. All the back-stories of the characters, the entire layout of the scenes, the paragraphs they never saw.

There is so much readers do not know–so much trapped inside our minds that slowly, beautifully, kill us.


3 thoughts on “Unknown Worlds

  1. And the benevolence of writing is, we meet so many new people, go so many new places, and see so many new things.

    When reading our stories, the audience is stuck in the world where the author has already been to and fallen in love with. They are so close minded to what else was really behind all of that world, they just see all that’s there. That’s the relationship readers have.

    They don’t have any idea on what we saw and felt while creating that world of wonders. Perhaps they never will. But that’s the special relationship that authors have with their writings. Something readers will never truly understand. I love it! 🙂


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