You are

.            Creator of the universe

.            Speaker of the stars

.            Sculptor of me.

I am

.            Insignificant human

.            Sinner of the small things

.            Ignoring your voice.

Still, you are

.            Listener to my heart

.          Lover of my life

.        Speaker to my deaf soul.

I am

.            Sorry

.            But helpless to change.

I am

.           Praying

.             But stubborn to listen.

I am

.            Learning

.            To accept that I can’t do it.

Help me, God.


5 thoughts on “Speaker of the Stars

  1. God has given you a gift. When you use it to glorify Him, as this, the things that come out of your pen are powerful. They impact those of us who are privileged to read them. Keep using those gifts to glorify the One who is the “sculptor of you, the lover of you, the speaker to your soul!” And the “Speaker of the stars” will speak to our souls as well.

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