Lord, I pray that I will never take for granted what you have made. There is nothing insignificant about what you have made, from the moss on the trees to the introverted nerd, but I forget this. Everything you create has value, simply because you made it.

God, forgive me for when I’ve disliked someone’s personality or thought their face was ugly, when I’ve rolled my eyes because I didn’t like their annoying voice. They are all beautiful and valuable, and it’s all because you made them. Lord, you give them value, and I forget this. I forget that they are made in your image, and that you view them as “good”, as it says in Genesis, and their body is so complex and wonderful with all their atoms and veins and cells and bones and brains and DNA and everything that makes them them. 

Sometimes, I forget that I am valuable too.

Lord, remind me of this.


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