Pack those bags and grab those camp shoes because we’re going on a drive.

Strap on that canoe and put on some life jackets because we’re going on an adventure.

Spray on that sunscreen and whip out those board games because these next few days are going to be pure fun.

Of course we go camping for the cliff-jumping and marshmallows. Of course we come to sleep outdoors and look at the stars. Of course.

But the true reason lies in the silence. Stop the laughter, stop the yells, stop the greasy bacon smells.

Grab the three most important items that you brought–Bible, notebook, and pen. Sit on the stick-filled moss and lean against an uncomfortable tree because we’re here to pause. Take a moment.

Read. Pray. Write.


You don’t notice it when you’re doing back-flips off the dock. You don’t hear it when you’re screaming during Dutch Blitz. You don’t breathe it when you’re chomping on a hamburger.

What are we missing? Open your eyes for once and sense it, feel it. The beauty, the quietness, the natural wonder. God. It’s all here. It’s always here.

We just need to stop.

And notice.


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