When my aunt and uncle bought me concert tickets to see Chris Tomlin, I was slightly disappointed because Chris Tomlin’s songs seem to come from the “How to write a worship song (in five minutes or less)” video on YouTube (seriously, look it up). He’s like the Eric Walters of the music world, spewing out song after song but never having anything spectacular. However, I had forgotten about Indescribable and when Chris Tomlin began playing it, the entire concert was worth it. Something about hearing a song I had occasionally sang in kid’s church for the first time in years, in a giant arena full of lights and music, with thousands of voices worshiping God, overwhelmed me with joy and wonder. I had never associated this song with joy, but I haven’t heard the song quite the same since.

        I have experienced God in nature time and time again, and I love how this song keeps listing off amazing thing after amazing thing about God’s creation and repeats how we can’t completely understand or describe God. I love that. His impossibilities and infinity fills me with excitement and joy. “None can fathom.” It makes me want to race outside and drink in the beauty around me and go exploring and travel to distant countries and walk on the moon and see everything in God’s indescribable, uncontainable creation. I also appreciate that the song focuses only on God and his creation. Half of the worship songs I know keep bringing it back to Christians and our struggles and journeys, but worship is all about God, not people. And yet there’s one line in the song that connects God’s amazingness to us—”you see the depths of my heart and you love me the same.” The God that created the entire universe still loves me and knows me. That’s amazing.


* * *

These 7 posts are from a school Psychology assignment in which I had to choose one song for each category (Friendship, Joy, Comfort, Knowledge, Religion, and Love) and write a reflection. Enjoy!


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