It wasn’t very long ago when I began listening to OneRepublic, and this song caught me. It’s different than the others they sing because of the calmer instruments and the sorrowful, serious tone. I appreciate unique perspectives and a chance to step in other’s shoes. (It reminds me of I’ll be home for Christmas by Josh Groban, with the voices of soldiers sending love to their families back home.) Come Home (by OneRupublic) is a plea to soldiers from someone who knows that what they’re doing is right but still desperately misses them. It’s a difficult issue because to serve their country and fight for freedom is an act of selflessness and bravery and deserves the highest respect, but it’s hard for all the people left home. “I’m tired of justifying,” he says. “The fight for you is all I’ve ever known.” All he wants is his loved one home again. It reveals that these soldiers are someone’s spouse or friend or brother—they’re real people, not just names or numbers or faces on a television. I chose to put this song in the knowledge category because I am quite clueless of what goes on during wars, in the troops and at home.

Specifically, I believe this song is from the perspective of a soldier’s young son or daughter. They don’t know much about wars or battles; all they see is the battle inside them, the battle at home. Why can’t the world just get along? Why can’t we just look around at the world’s beauty and stop hating each other? Their innocence in contrast to the reality of war is startling. It reminds of how I used to, and still do in some ways, look at humanity issues like poverty. “Why couldn’t everyone send a couple dollars to these causes?” I wondered. “Why don’t people seem to care?” While I have never had to deal with a soldier family member, this song reminds me of myself and how I wish people would deal with issues more generously and lovingly.

* * *

These 7 posts are from a school Psychology assignment in which I had to choose one song for each category (Friendship, Joy, Comfort, Knowledge, Religion, and Love) and write a reflection. Enjoy!


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