I have never been in love, but I would imagine that this song describes what it’s like—or, if anything, what it feels like. I would imagine that when I’m looking up at stars on a cloudless night, it would be the feeling of warmth inside of me. I would imagine that when I hear a song that links to a memory, it would be the feeling of connection. I would imagine that when I’m going through my day, I would jump to thoughts of them when I see something in a store or when I notice the sun hitting the mountains. Being in love wouldn’t be having this person become my world. Instead, I would see them everywhere in my world, in all the little beautiful things and moments that I encounter.

This song is different because most love songs have their love right next to them, living life together. All of the Stars (by Ed Sheeran) has a love story between two people on different continents. Despite the difference, they take comfort in the fact that they look up at the same stars and appreciate the same wonder. They may be “miles away”, but they are not worlds away.

When or if I fall in love, I want him to enhance my life, not become my life. I want him to add to my wonder and joy of God and nature and words. Being in love will be far from perfect—scars bleeding and all—but it will feel like home. I’m beginning to see a theme to my song selection. There is great value in home.


* * *

These 7 posts are from a school Psychology assignment in which I had to choose one song for each category (Friendship, Joy, Comfort, Knowledge, Religion, and Love) and write a reflection. Enjoy!


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