As I’m sure you can see, I chose the below songs based on lyrics, not really music, because I am a writer and songs speak to me through their words. This song is an exception. I first heard it a couple months ago and it is also one of those songs that you have to completely immerse yourself in the music to fully appreciate it. I usually dislike songs with begin with a long, carried out introduction of instruments, but I was captured by its beauty in the first five seconds. The violin later accompanied by piano and other instruments builds up but it never loses its feeling of wonder and beauty.

It’s no surprise, however, that I was still caught up in the lyrics. I have never heard a song that compares to it because very rarely have I come across a song that sings about stars and the universe in the way this did. This is a wonder song (in fact, if Wonder had been a category I would have chosen Saturn, by Sleeping at Last), but it also tells a story about a person who is now gone. I love the line where it says, “I tried to write it down but I could never find a pen,” because they can never quite replicate the way their friend spoke about the universe. That’s what makes this song sad as well as beautiful. There’s something missing now when they look at the stars or “explain the infinite”.

This song makes me (like Indescribable and even All of the Stars) want to run outside at night to stare up at the infinite, catch a glimpse of who God is, contemplate our insane existence in this universe. I love it. I love this song.

* * *

The following 7 posts are from a school Psychology assignment in which I had to choose one song for each category (Friendship, Joy, Comfort, Knowledge, Religion, and Love, as well as an extra one) and write a reflection. Enjoy!


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