The God of the Bible is a God of mystery, love, and wonder, and He’s a God of The Hero’s Journey. That’s right—the God who rescues and restores is a part of the most famous outline of every story. He takes us from our ordinary world and calls us to a life of adventure and excitement. He gives us mentors and guides us through all the terrifying, all the rewarding, all the uncomfortable moments in our lives. And through it all, no matter how much we stumble or lose hope, God always transforms us. God works in drug-dealers, Pharisees, farmers, young kids, detectives, pastors, mothers—yes, every genre and type of person. In every situation, God pulls us from an ordinary world to his world of transformation and celebration. And this is the kind of God I want, who takes the ordinary and makes them extraordinary, who sees complete potential in the underdog. This is the God I want.


One thought on “God of The Hero’s Journey

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