How refreshing it is to sit down with someone and dig into spirituality on a different level. How unexpectedly peaceful, genuine, to see past the surface, to dial into their headspace, to connect among the chaos.

And how much more fulfilling when contrasted with the normality of the setting! No compelling music, tear-stained faces, surrounding emotions—this is purely the Spirit settling in me, only God convicting me. Only God.

I love the music and community and emotion. I love God sweeping through the filled room. But I am fascinated by the normality of the classroom. I am intrigued by the idea that God can work in the regular chatter around us.

I am amazed that God alone can transform me, even though I have been told that since day one.


One thought on “Spirituality on a Different Level

  1. Danaye your writings always make my heart smile! I felt an overwhelming love for God and what He has done for me personally when reading this one. Thank you!!

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