I can see her

From the corner of my eye

She fidgets with her watch

Checking the time

Countless times

She shakes her head in frustration

Scattering her vision around

Like marbles.


I want to reach out to her

Save her

But I am strangely, horribly


By the way she taps her finger

Against her nose

To keep the whole world from

Falling apart in her hands.


Her eyes have seen far more

Than reality

They dive into an ocean

With depths of terror and nightmares

And when they surface

There is a little less light

In them.


Her ears listen to things

No one else hears

Her feet take her to

Places she doesn’t want to go

Her hands can’t stop moving

Or else everything will go wrong

And no one

No one



I can see her

From the corner of my eye

But when I turn around

To save her

The mirror moves

And she is gone.

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