We all need to be heard. We all have things to say and opinions to be voiced and outcries needed to be acknowledged. Some of us use blogs to share our thoughts. Others use speeches. Some have no voice at all.

Ever heard of Free the Children? They have a vow of silence–on a specific day people pledge to be silent to recognize those who have no voice, those who are denied a right to an education, who can’t share their beliefs, who aren’t allowed to speak up. Malala Yousafzai said it best: “We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”

I have a voice. I’m allowed to express my feelings and thoughts. Others are not. So through this blog, I’m going to speak up about things that matter, things that others cannot say. I have a voice, and I’m using mine to share my thoughts to the world, to share a light in a dark world.

6 thoughts on “My voice

  1. Hi! I’ve just come across your blog through the Blogging 101 course, and I love the idea of your blog and using your voice to ‘speak up about things that matter’, which are very similar to the ideas behind my blog. Following your blog with interest.

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  2. Danaye, All your writings are very incredible. I especially liked the one “How the World Was Saved.’ Keep the great work. Love, Grandpa


  3. God has given you a special gift of sharing your thoughts on paper. Something I really admire in you, Danaye! I’m excited to follow your blog as you share your voice and bring light to a dark world. Thank you!


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