The early wisps of twilight

Sneak through the screen door

As I stand on the patio

Breathing in the silent air.


I face my best friend

And notice the space

Between here and there

Between lost and found

Between now and never—

And I know the words

That will come next,

The words rehearsed in my head

When I know they should come easy.


I don’t know why

But the words feel unnatural

Tripping from my lips

Hovering over the stairs

Sandwiched between us—


“Will you pray for me?”


The atmosphere paints a word for me—


And I realize there has never been anything

As freeing and beautiful

As that question


I have never said those words

With such conviction

Such significance.


There’s a thin coat of awkward

Still around us

But she breaks through

And delivers her answer.


“Of course.” A pause.

“Will you pray for me?”


As I watch the moment from afar

I realize I am found

In a friendship I have longed for

All these years.


I turn to witness

The growing twilight

This touch of heaven coming down

I want to pause time

Capture this moment in a bottle.


But more than any friendship

More than any moment

I am awed by the God of the Cosmos

I am lost to a Being

Who hears my prayers

And welcomes a girl

Who thinks too much

And speaks too little.


I am lost and found

In this ever-growing universe

In this newly-found friendship

In this glorious God.


My prayers are already in motion

He has already started

Awakening me

Transforming me

Renewing me.


I am lost

I am found

I am His.

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